Avoid the destruction of planet earth by recycling.

A Game Boy style inspired game with the original Game Boy color palettes and screen size.

Collect the garbage in the correct trash cans, and dump the trash cans when they are full. 

Each item picked up gives 10pts and dumping the trash can when it's full gives 40pts, you can dump the trash can before its full but no extra points will be awarded.

To dump a trash can you need to select the trash can and be on top of the selected trash can.

Q: Select color palette
SPACE: Dump trash can
A / D: Select trash can


GarbageBoy Source Code 8 kB


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interesting take on the theme, and solid execution! dig the gameboy palette. for me (in firefox) spacebar scrolls the window though, so everytime i empty a trashcan it scrolls the game out of view and i have to scroll back up.

Thank you, yea it seams that firefox uses the space bar shortcut for scrolling, but you can put the game in full screen mode by clicking the full screen button on the bottom right of the screen and it will work as intended, or to play in window mode you can also right click over the game and select "This Frame > Show Only This Frame"

(1 edit)

SPACE not work (Firefox 69.0)

*edit nevermind!, I need to move trash can above of that garbage type.

it works